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Hysterionics Podcast

I am also the host of Hysterionics, the podcast that robustly but respectfully challenges the ways that organisations approach culture and leadership. It is occasionally funny and sometimes a little bit sweary.

Hysterionics, the podcast that finally gives anyone interested in leadership and organisational culture a place to share, commiserate, ponder, let rip and perhaps learn, without a whiff of an embellished conference case study 

Books and fiction

If you asked the Enid Blyton loving, six year old, me what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always "a writer". One of the joys of stepping off the corporate hamster wheel in 2012 was having the thinking time to get close to fulfilling that dream. In 2015, I published Duty and Deceit, a thriller, set over a matter of days in winter, in which a foreboding and empty mansion is the principal character and a significant part of the plot. A year later, almost as an antidote to the darkness of Duty and Deceit, I published The Limousine Voyager, a much lighter mystery with comedic elements, set largely here in France. Read it and I will tell you why I really wrote it…

I am glad that writing gives an extra dimension to me beside my work. For too many years whilst I was building my career, I felt I was known only for my LinkedIn profile. Writing has been a positive part of managing my mental health and gaining perspective.

During 2020, I have been writing Breaking The Glass Floor; a short and very raw work on the realities of living with a serious mental health condition. Not enough is spoken about this in a frank enough way to help people with mental health conditions feel listened to, and for those doing the listening to truly understand what every day can feel like. 

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