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Firstly, this is not Therapy.  

It is simply an opportunity to get a much needed change of scenery in an extremely beautiful and peaceful setting, surrounded by nature. With a highly experienced coach and sounding board on hand when you want it, the aim is to help the individual regroup mentally and to find some peace, working through issues of their choosing, in an experienced and supportive environment.

The program is devised in conjunction with the guest and can be adapted at any time. Revelations are not guaranteed, it’s not a workshop, it’s more like a retreat with hearty, healthy food and exercise. You are coming into a friendly and welcoming home, not a facility. The aim is for guests to leave mentally and physically recharged with greater perspective in order to make the right decisions for themselves, by themselves – the extent to which this is possible depends on the individual. Some example activity outlined below:

  • Scheduled coaching sessions where specific challenges are brought out for discussion – these conversations can also happen over meals and on walks or on excursions. The guest chooses the amount of discussion they want to engage in

  • Solo hikes where the guest is set a question to reflect on whilst they walk and afterwards it is discussed and worked through with Tom

  • Excursions to the great number of natural wonders surrounding Le Monteil – from the mountains of the Massif Central, to the shores of the many stunning lakes in the area.

  • Gardening – there’s always work to do if you think it will give you head space!

  • Dog time – most of the dogs will appreciate you taking them for a walk

  • Cooking – we love our food and the kitchen is well equipped if that is your thing. We can also visit any number of local markets.

  • Your own chill time – do what you want, where you want. The house has plenty of space for you to find a quiet spot. Download any Netflix you might want before you get here as internet can be squished.

  • Camping – we have a camper van which sleeps two if you want to talk through your thoughts whilst connecting even further and deeper with nature.

Contact me for more information

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